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Athletics and activities
  • Brooklyn Center High School: COVID Athletic Guidelines

    Effective: December 2, 2021

    Here are the guidelines for all winter events. All coaches, athletes and buildings supervisors, fans, and permit holders must follow these guidelines in regards to our COVID mitigation procedures: 

    • Fans and spectators must show proof of vaccination or proof of a negative test within the last three days 
    • No fans at middle school events
    • Masks are required for everyone 
    • Athletes who are not vaccinated will be tested weekly 
    • Athletes who test positive or did not test will not participate during quarantine 
    • Athletes who are vaccinated and/or test negative will not be required to wear masks during competition. 
    • All students must show student ID and vaccination status to enter events. All opposing students must do the same. Students must be a member of one of the competing schools. 

    * It is the responsibility of the coaches to ensure that the correct student athletes are participating in practices and games each week. 

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