Meet Assistant Principal Hannah Storm

    What is your professional background?
    I started my career teaching first grade and then third grade. After spending time in the elementary classroom, I transitioned to an equity teacher position in a nearby district; here, I worked as an instructional coach with a strong emphasis on culturally responsive pedagogy, classroom climate and culture, and supporting elementary teachers in developing meaningful learning experiences for scholars - especially within their literacy blocks! 

    What have you enjoyed most about your role as Assistant Principal at BCE?

    BCE is an incredibly special place with a unique energy that is unmatched. I very much value the educators who have chosen BCE as their home, the families who trust us with the education of their scholar(s), and OF COURSE, the scholars we have the privilege of serving each and every day. In addition, I chose BCE because I whole-heartedly believe in the mission, vision, and core values BCCS has established and works to live by each day. At BCCS, we can give ourselves the permission to be creative, be transformative, and build a system of education that acknowledges the flaws within traditional ways of public institutions. 

    What inspired you to work in education?

    I'm in education because I hold a belief that the current practices of public education do not set up scholars to succeed. I am a dreamer and a creative soul and I want to be a game-changer, while simultaneously making pathways for others to be game-changers, too. 

    What do you do when you are not at work?

    When I'm not at work, I love spending time with my family - especially my daughter who is going to be two in a couple of days! She is the light in my life and I do what I do for her. I also love to read, take walks, travel, and watch the Packers!