AddAVeggie Promo

Program Highlights and Current Opportunities

  • BCCS 2023 Spring Wellness Campaign: Add-A-Veggie!

    Take 10 days to enjoy the Add-A-Veggie campaign, from April 17 - 28, 2023. It is a quick health and wellness campaign to help you raise awareness of how many vegetables you are eating and increase nutritional support for your body. 

    Email to register in order to receive recipes and veggie tips. Download the campaign form or receive a Google doc version when you register. Bring this campaign home and enjoy participating with your housemates, or bring it into the classroom.

    Classrooms that register will be entered into a drawing to win a prize.

  • 2023 Spring Wellness Courses Are FREE in April & May!

    Due to the generous wellness credits through our Medica health plan we are able to provide the BCCS wellness courses for free or donation-based this year. Register on Eleyo to hold your spot. Donations are accepted through the Eleyo registrations, if you choose, and will be used to purchase needed tools and equipment for the wellness courses. 

    Drop-ins are always welcome! Come for classes whenever you are able. Share this with your neighbors, colleagues, friends, family members or students over 14 years and invite them to join you! Email with questions or concerns. 


  • The Rest & Restore Campaign Is Still Availiable: 

    This easy-to-follow wellness program highlights the need for us to take breaks during the day and to get enough sleep at night so that our bodies, brains, emotions and energy can all function optimally. In our culture, " always productive" and "grind" mindsets are often glorified, but our health and wellbeing suffer, taking a toll on relationships, mental health and more. The materials in this campaign offer links to resources and suggestions to support your rest, and amplifies rest advocates like Tricia Hersey and Octavia Raheem. 

    You can choose the two week (elementary or earliest learners) or four-week version for older participants (or a Spanish version). Invite someone to take a break with you or enjoy some alone time. Either way, raise your awareness to notice when your body and brain need a break and how you feel when you take that much-needed break. Email with questions.