• Autumn, 2022: Accessible Active Transportation!

    Join us as we explore methods of transportation using our feet instead of motorized vehicles. This campaign offers participants the opportunity to expand how to get from one place to another, and increase our physical activity, with walking, biking, skating, running and more. If using movement to transport yourself isn't available, we also offer multiple resources - and reasons - to Take It Outside and move in nature. 

    Download the 4-week Take It Outside guide and email mauld@bccs286.org to get access to the weekly resources. This campaign can be a solo or group activity, with either your class, family or a group of friends. The campaign is on-going through the fall of 2022, so participate when it's best for you!

    Small prizes are available (while supplies last) for those who register to receive the resource emails, complete and submit the pre- and post-surveys or submit photos of you or your group moving outside. Email mauld@bccs286.org for more information.



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