2023 Financial Forecast

  • Click here to read the 2023 Financial Forecast presentation. Presented on Thursday, March 10, 2022. 

    Click here to watch the 2023 Financial Forecast zoom presentation. Presented on Thursday, March 10, 2022.


    FY23 Financial Forecast FAQ

    Q: Instead of using the building that houses ECA and CB, could we utilize the space that once housed South campus? It would offer more space to use.

    A: The space at the 5910 Shingle Creek Pkwy building is ideal for the district’s needs. The Brown College building has been purchased by the city as a part of the city’s Opportunity Site development plan.

    Q: Has the district built a minimum budget (just bare minimum operating costs to function)? This could potentially help highlight priorities for additional spending.

    A: Yes, this is the process that was used for building the FY23 budget. A minimum budget was created and then school and department administrators were asked to apply for additional funding from ESSER funds.

    Q: Does the district make its previous full year’s budget available for stakeholders? As in, can a stakeholder see what the predicted budget and expenditures for SY20-21 is versus what was actually spent during SY20-21? This could help stakeholders gain a better understanding of the complexities of the budget, as well as potentially help identify areas that can be better controlled in the future.

    A: Year-End Financial Statements can be found on the website here. The financial statements include information about each year's budget and actual spending.

    Q: In terms of enrollment, does the district conduct surveys when families leave? Has the district reached out to the entire Brooklyn Center community on why families are opting to send their children out of the
    district? Do we know why families send their students here from other districts?

    A: There are a variety of reasons that lead families to make decisions about their child’s enrollment, which can range from transportation, magnet school focus, programming, out-of-school time care, and quality. We do not currently conduct exit surveys with all of our families. We will often be able to work with families who are outgoing leading up to this decision though.

    Q: FTEs were mentioned as a big factor in the budget shortfall next year (which usually implies a reduction in FTEs). Are other groups ever considered when reducing the budget?

    A: Yes. All groups are considered when reducing the budget. Priority is given to budgeting for classroom teachers and support staff. The term Full-time equivalent FTE does not only refer to classroom teaching positions.

    Q: Has the district looked at budgetary overlaps? For example, it is my understanding that we pay for Google Suites, which includes Google Classroom. However, the district also pays for ItsLearning. Couldn’t the district save money by just using Google Classroom? Are there other service overlaps that eat away at the budget?

    A: The district does not pay for Google Suites. ItsLearning was implemented during the pandemic distance learning phase because Google Classroom did not have everything that was needed. The company that owns ItsLearning has discontinued the product. A team has been put together to research and review Learning Management Systems moving forward.

    Q: How are other districts handling a bus driver shortage? Have other districts seen their transportation costs skyrocket as well?

    A: Yes, other districts have seen transportation costs skyrocket. The district is currently in the process of soliciting bids for contracting out transportation in order to contain costs.

    Q: Will our tech department experience cuts in staffing again?

    A: There will be no cuts to the tech department staffing in FY23.

    Q: Have we seen an increase in enrollment from our increased social media presence or our partnership with CESO?

    A: Most Minnesota school districts have lost enrollment due to the pandemic. It remains to be seen if enrollment will rebound in the coming years.

    Q: Why did the district decide to remodel the middle and high school given the downward trend of student enrollment?

    A: At the time the decision was made to remodel the middle and high school, enrollment was on an upward trend.

    Q: Do we have any data to demonstrate that our expanded equity team is improving outcomes for students of color?

    A: The work of the equity team serves as a lens through which to create authentic and valued spaces for children of color in our classrooms and classroom practices, in addition to being a source for evaluation of the policies and practices that govern our district. The data measurement exists in the space of reform of our system overall. When we create a space that prioritizes racially just practices for all of our children, outcomes will improve for everyone.

    Q: Idea for enrollment, maybe hold like an outdoor carnival, or something to that effect for parents to come and walk around the grounds and meet staff, and the buildings, so they can learn more about BC, versus what they see on social media and word of mouth.

    A: Great idea! In fact, we are organizing our first annual Centaur Block Party in mid-August to do just that. Learn more about this event here.

    Q: How does the category of "other salary increases" break down by administrators, district personnel, SEAs, food services staff, etc.?

    A: Food service employees are not included because they are not paid out of the General Fund. The following are estimated increases for FY23:

    Administrators: 25,011
    Custodians: 38,960
    Principals: 40,597
    Support Staff: 125,563
    Unaffiliated Prof: 58,807
    Unaffiliated Non-Exempt: 52,461
    School Board: 3,875
    Total: $345,274

    Q: What is the difference between support services (5% of our budget), pupil support (9% of our budget), and instructional support (9% of our budget)?

    A: Support Services: Finance, Human Resources, Data & Accountability, and Technology Pupil Support: Transportation, Counseling, Social Work, and Student Support Specialists Instructional Support: Staff Development, QComp, Assistant Principals, Media Specialists, and school Clerical staff

    Q: I would love to have a, say, business card with all the top line information a potential student family would need. What do we offer? Type of classes? What is STEM? Our mission? Student/teacher ratio? Where to find more information? How to enroll? Being a staff member that does not work on the education side, I do not know how to answer these types of questions.

    A: Great idea! We will work to get something put together.

    Q: In the pie chart on slide 11, there is a small unlabeled sliver between "Sites & Buildings" and "Administrative." What is represented there?

    A: That label represents debt services in the general fund. For FY23, it is lease and interest payments on the new tennis court.

    Q: I need clarification on the funding of EL. You mentioned 2 figures- $9 million and $2.5 million-our cross-subsidy. So, how much do we need for EL? I'll talk to my legislators about fully funding EL but I want to paint the picture correctly.

    A: 2.5 million is the current cross subsidy for Special Education. This is the additional cost that the district covers to bridge the gap between what is needed and what is funded. The EL cross subsidy is currently $715,000 for Brooklyn Center (calculated in FY20).

    Q: When would the District Office move to the ECA building occur?

    A: March, 2023

    Q: Since administrators are no longer conducting as many teacher observations, do we still need three administrators at BCE and BCS?

    A: Based on projected enrollment, there will be one assistant principal at BCE next year.

    Q: Would hiring more bus drivers or contracting out for bus drivers from any outside agency help decrease the 2.5 million in cuts? I certainly hope that we consider the staff working directly in classrooms with our students when considering the cuts.

    A: Classroom staff are the number one priority. The district is doing everything possible to reduce the impact to schools.

    Q: Would a reduction of 35.7 FTE include any district office staff or administrators?

    A: Yes

    Q: How many district office staff are able to work from home? Do we need a large district office space? With the purchase of the new building are District Office Employees moving to that building?

    A: With the purchase of the 5910 Shingle Creek Pkwy building, a smaller district office space is being planned.