Current Wellness Program Opportunities

  • The fall, 2021, Wellness programs through Adult Enrichment are available for registration. Session II begins November 1. We have yoga classes twice per week and a weekly Zumba class. Visit our Eleyo registration site seasonally to view the Wellness programs on the Community Education Adult Enrichment site and stay updated.

  • Join the BCCS 2021 Water Campaign!

    This wellness program supports holistic personal and communal wellbeing by focusing on the physical, environmental and social/cultural dimensions of wellness. physical wellnessenvironmental wellnesssocial/cultural wellness 

    If you would benefit from added support, register with by October 11, 2021, to receive weekly emails and group guidance.

    The campaign introductiontracking log and each of the resource documents (part 1part 2part 3 and part 4) are available to download and print. The water campaign is designed to be used as a self-guided wellness program or may be used as a group activity, either for families, classrooms or with a group of friends to support each other. 

    We want to know about your experience with the campaign! Please email with any questions or comments and be sure to send your feedback (photos welcome!) when you complete the campaign.

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