Eight Dimensions of Wellness

BCCS 8 Dimensions of Wellness

  • The BCCS District Wellness Committee plans programs and implements the District Wellness Policy based on the premise that personal and community wellbeing is multi-dimensional and implementing choices to balance one dimension can help to balance the other dimensions.

    S/MHEmotional/Mental Health - safely experiencing and expressing emotions; practicing self-care; sexuality; optimism; self-esteem, self-acceptance; resiliency

    EnEnvironmental - respectful of surroundings and nature; understand personal and collective accountability for the quality of air, water, and earth; awareness that environments affect our well-being

    FinFinancial - skills to manage monetary resources; making informed financial decisions; setting realistic financial goals

    C/IIntellectual/Creativity - lifelong learning, curiosity; exploring creative outlets; play

    M/ISMindfulness/Inner Self - self-reflection; activities that are consistent with your beliefs and values; practicing gratitude; having a meaning and purpose in life

    O/COccupational/Career - participating in work that provides purpose, satisfaction and life enrichment that is consistent with your values, goals, and lifestyle 

    PhPhysical - healthy lifestyle choices (nutrition, physical activity, quality sleep, monitored screen time, etc.); absence of illness; practicing habits that help the body feel eased

    S/CSocial/Cultural - awareness and accountability to your social, racial, cultural and gender identities; understanding the diversity of other identities and backgrounds; engaged in your community; developing meaningful relationships; opening and holding space for others