Meet the Early College Academy Team

  • We do whatever it takes.

    Here at the ECA, we really do whatever it takes to go above and beyond the call of duty to support our students and their families. Some examples of this include making personal home deliveries to students to provide any required academic work, school supplies, technology needs, personal needs and much more. We will also meet and assist students at times that best fits their schedule. We understand that each student learns differently and we will do everything we can to support their specific learning styles and needs. Lastly, we will work WITH the students to create individualized plans and paces to achieve their required graduation credits and preparedness for life after high school. Below is a list of all of our amazing ECA staff and how to contact them. Please do not hesitate to reach out to anyone with questions. We are available and we will do whatever it takes!

ECA Staff

  • Beth Smart (she/her/hers), Counselor

    Beth Smart



    Contact for: Scheduling, graduation requirements and status, post-graduation planning, academic supports, APEX (online work) support, access to school and community resources, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, social and and emotional support.

  • Rebecca Fly (she/her/hers), Plus Case Coordinator 

    Rebecca Fly


    Cell: 612-396-4993 (iPhone)


    Contact for: All kinds of non-academic support such as connections to resources, mental health support, housing issues, personal and family issues, and help figuring out your future. Think of me as your first call for help - If I don’t have the answer, I will help you find it.

  • Longkee Vang (he/him/his), Youth Programs Coordinator

    Longkee Vang


    Cell: 612-567-2140


    Contact for: Information about before and afterschool activities, community education classes (including Drivers Ed.), summer enrichment activities, youth employment resources, community engagement oppourtunities, and random sports, simpsons, marvel and star wars trivia!

  • Isis Portillo (she/her/hers), Receptionist, Habla Español

    Isis Portillo


    Work: 763-450-3383 ext. 1111


    Contact for: Attendance, questions about school in general, schedule, enrollment, and social and emotional support.

ECA Teachers

  •  Christine Solokar (she/her/hers), Science and Leadership

    Christine Solokar


    Cell: 763-568-2985


    Contact for: Science (biology & pathology) or poetry support, APEX (online work) help or quizzes, chemistry APEX help, leadership (MAAP Stars) help, check ins for credits, social & emotional support.

  • Katie Kunz (she/her/hers), English

    Katie Kunz


    Cell: 612-437-1806 (iPhone)


    Contact for: Reading, writing and other academic support, help with English classes, questions about school in general and resources, social & emotional support.

  • Ben Samuelson (he/him/his), Social Studies

    Ben Samuelson


    Cell: 507-458-0341 (iPhone)


    Contact for: Social studies support, APEX (online work) help or quizzes, earning credit for work based learning (WBL) and help or questions about WBL, technology questions, social & emotional support.

  •  Julie Gloege (she/her/hers), Special Education

    Julie Gloege


    Cell: 612-440-0591


    Contact for: Special education needs or questions, transition planning, vocational rehabilitation resources, special education work skills, social & emotional support.

  •  Madeline Ryan (she/her/hers), English Language (EL)

    Madeline Ryan


    Cell: 952-457-7452


    Contact for: Help or questions about English Language Development (ELD) work or classes, general school-related questions, social & emotional support.

    *From Jan 2021- April 2021 Mrs. Ryan will be on maternity leave. Please contact her sub, Bhasker Jakkula ( with any questions in her absence.