BC Online

  • Registration was open for the full-time online learning option called BC Online through Friday, August 21. Families who registered committed to this option at least through the first quarter of the school year, which ends Friday, November 6. This option does not include any in-person instruction and will operate independently from the other plans. Registration will open for the second quarter of the school year later this fall.

    We know distance learning presented challenges to our families and staff members last spring. We have spent this summer learning about the experiences of our students so we can create high-quality models of learning. Here is what families can expect in the BC Online learning program:

    Brooklyn Center Elementary School 

    • Live instruction twice daily, focusing on the social, emotional, and academic well-being of each student. Students can also watch videos later if they missed a live session. 
    • Independent practice and play throughout the week 
    • Dedicated time each week for one-on-one check-in with the classroom teacher

    Secondary Schools (Middle School, High School, and Early College Academy)

    • Opportunities for live instruction for each class, with recorded videos that can be viewed or reviewed 
    • Opportunities for independent practice, research, writing, and project development throughout the week 
    • Opportunities for virtual collaboration, community, and relationship building with peers 
    • Dedicated time each week for one-on-one check-in with the homeroom teacher 
    • Dedicated office hours each week for drop-in support with all teachers

    If families do not register for the BC Online program, they will automatically be placed in option 1. In option 1, students and families can expect to move between one or more of the following learning scenarios throughout the school year:

    • Distance learning 2.0
    • Limited campus hybrid (the model selected to start the school year from September 8 through at least October 9)
    • Expanded campus hybrid
    • In-person learning

    Click here to learn more about the Ready to Learn plans.

    In either option, students will be assigned a learning device to use throughout the school year. Students in grades E-2 will receive an iPad and students in grades 3-12 will receive a Chromebook.