Limited Campus Hybrid

  • Teaching and Learning

    • School will be held each day with the majority of students learning online and off-campus. While off-campus, students will engage in daily live virtual sessions with their teachers. Off-campus students will follow their distance learning schedule.
    • A limited number of students will be on campus four days a week for in-person instruction. On-campus students include students who receive educational support primarily in a special education setting (ex: center-based programs) and others to be determined.

    On-campus students

      • Limited in-person cohort(s)
      • In-person learning with a small cohort of high needs students that focuses on individual learning plans of each student
      • Students receive prioritized in-person instruction specific to their needs and learning plans that is especially difficult to provide in the virtual classroom environment
      • Virtual learning day every Wednesday

    Off-campus students

      • Follow distance learning 2.0 learning model
      • Receive some in-person services, such as mental health supports, assistance from the Family Resource Room and other to be determined services


    A fee-based school-age childcare program will be offered at the Early College Academy campus. Students may attend the program on their remote learning days (except Wednesdays).

Limited Campus Hybrid Schedule

Limited campus hybrid schedule