Distance Learning 2.0

  • Teaching and Learning

    School will be held virtually five days/week following our school calendar with high-quality and engaging teacher-led instruction and/or support each day with Wednesday established as a day for student work completion and individual check ins.

    Student Experience

    • Brooklyn Center Elementary
      • Opportunities for live instruction twice daily, focusing on the social, emotional, and academic well-being of each student. Students can also watch videos later if they missed a live session.
      • Opportunities for independent practice and play throughout the week
      • Dedicated time each week for one-on-one check-in with the classroom teacher

    • Secondary Schools (Middle School, High School, and Early College Academy)
      • Opportunities for live instruction for each class, with recorded videos that can be viewed or reviewed
      • Opportunities for independent practice, research, writing, and project development throughout the week
      • Opportunities for virtual collaboration, community, and relationship building with peers
      • Dedicated time each week for one-on-one check-in with the homeroom teacher
      • Dedicated office hours each week for drop-in support with all teachers


    A school-age fee-based childcare program will be offered at our Early College Academy campus. It will be prioritized for Tier 1 families, which includes staff. Following Tier 1 preference, enrollment will be open for families of students through grade 5.

Distance Learning Schedule

Distance Learning schedule