School-based mental health services

  • We strive to support our students’ social, emotional, and behavioral health at Brooklyn Center Community Schools, given the close tie between positive mental health and success in both school and life. Through partnerships with POR Emotional Wellness, the Family Partnership, PrairieCare, and North Psychology Clinic, we provide school-based mental health services at Earle Brown Elementary STEAM School, the Brooklyn Center Early College Academy, and Brooklyn Center STEAM School. Mental health concerns among young people are very common and normal, and we are committed to identifying and supporting our students’ emotional well-being. The Health Resource Center wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our mental health team at BCCS, as we have had a number of recent additions to our team. Our services and staff members will be available this summer for students.

    Nick Nicholas Vorpahl, MA, LPCC, POR  Emotional Wellness Therapist, Brooklyn Center STEAM School

    Nick has been working with children and adolescents in the mental health for five years. Prior to this he received his Masters in Counseling from the University of St. Thomas. Using a combination of Humanistic and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, he hopes to help all children and teens through the ever changing expectations of an ever changing world that they find themselves in. By using the therapeutic relationship as a base to build on, Nick focuses on meeting clients wherever they are at in their life, with hopes of helping them reach their full potential and by not letting mental health be a roadblock in their journey to self-fulfillment. He can be contacted at

    Diane Felton Diane Felton, North Psychology, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Earle Brown Elementary STEAM School

    Diane is a child clinical psychologist who has been practicing for over 30 years. She has a broad base of experience working with children and families, and loves working within the context of their school environment. With over 20 years of experience in the Brooklyn Center community, she connects well with EB families and works hard to meet families where they are. Areas of expertise include attentional problems, oppositional/defiant behaviors, anxiety, depression, sexual abuse/trauma, family change/loss, family therapy, and parental guidance. Diane can be contacted at 

    Sarah Martinez Sarah Martinez, MA, Earle Brown Elementary STEAM School

    Sarah is a pre-licensed therapist who has been practicing the past few years to earn her license in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has a broad range of experience working with children and families in the community. Areas of expertise include oppositional/defiant behaviors, anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, and family therapy. Sarah can be contacted at 


    Randi Ordner, Prairie Care, MA, LMFT, Brooklyn Center STEAM School

    Randi has been providing Mental Health Services to adolescents for 20 years, 14 of those have been at Brooklyn Center Jr/High School.  In that role Randi works closely with the students, parents and school to improve family and school functioning. She has a broad range of experience including in home, residential treatment, and school based mental health.  Randi’s area of focus include Anxiety/Depression, Oppositional/Defiant behaviors, and trauma to name a few. Randi uses a variety of approaches, but the most common are Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in her work with students and families. Randi can be contacted at 

    Gordon Baker Gordon Baker, POR  Emotional Wellness Therapist, MA, Earle Brown Elementary STEAM

    Gordon has been working with children, adolescents and adults in the mental health field for fifteen years.  He received his Masters in Counseling and Psychology from the University of St. Mary’s. Gordon uses many approaches with treating mental health including mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and solution focused therapy, among other approaches. Gordon’s area of focus include Attention Deficit Hyperactive, Trauma, Anxiety/Depression, Oppositional/Defiant behaviors, and bipolar disorder. He can be contacted at

    Jennifer Kelley Jennifer Kelley, POR Emotional Wellness Therapist, MA, Brooklyn Center STEAM School

    Jennifer has been working with adolescents and adults for ten years.  She began working in domestic violence and the past five years were spent at a federal setting four education center that serves students with severe emotional behavior disorders.  Jennifer started working with POR three years ago and is stationed in our Health Resource Center at Brooklyn Center STEAM. She has provided therapy and life skills to students struggling with post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, oppositional defiance, aggression, and the list can continue.  She received her Master’s degree in Counseling and Psychological Service from Saint Mary’s. Jennifer is an existential therapist who is also solution focused and compassionate about helping kids cope with everyday stresses so they can be successful in all aspects of their lives. Jennifer can be contacted at  

    Amy Blehert Amy Blehert, POR Emotional Wellness, MA, Therapist, Earle Brown Elementary

    Amy has been working in the mental health field for 7 years in various capacities.  Amy has a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family therapy from Argosy University in Eagan and is license eligible in Minnesota.  She is a rostered 0-5 assessor with the State of Minnesota and able to conduct Diagnostic Assessments on children 5 and younger.   Amy loves working with clients of all ages with a special affinity for working with children. Areas of competency include children on the Autism Spectrum, Emotional Behavioral Disorders, Depression, Anxiety , Trauma, and ADD.  Amy integrates many modalities into her therapeutic practice including cognitive behavioral, solution focused, as well as systems theory. Amy can be contacted at