Strategic Plan Update – 2019

  • Each year, district and site leaders provide an update on the work of the strategic plan to the core planning team. Here is this year's update and a look at how we will continue projects within the strategic plan during the 2019-2020 school year.

    Looking at our current strategic plan, the work is not complete. Click here to learn more about the 2020 Strategic Plan. As we go into the 2025 iteration and the last year of the current plan, we want to deepen our commitment in the following areas:

    Strategy #1

    We will ensure that every employee and community partner understands and supports the core values and the collective stewardship of our mission.

    Focus for 2019-2020: Trust through Transparency

    We will work to gain and build trust with all community stakeholders

    • Establish recurring onboarding opportunities for new staff and new students
    • Expand listening sessions to include other leaders
    • Extend multifaceted communication that is culturally responsive and resourced

    Strategy #2

    We will implement culturally responsive practices to identify and eliminate biases, both internally and externally, that impede the achievement of our mission.

    Focus for 2019-2020: Define and Declare our Commitment to Racial Equity

    We will deepen our racial equity work through the following projects:

    • Write an equity plan
      • Establish a District Equity Team
      • Identify next equity partnership
      • Create racial affinity groups for staff and students
    • Create an Equitable Access Plan
      • Build the Grow Your Own program
      • Supporting new teachers
      • Recruitment and retention of staff

    Strategy #3

    We will align all educational programs and services to ensure achievement of our mission.

    Focus for 2019-2020: Social Emotional Learning

    The work of our mission includes the development of knowledge, life skills, global perspectives. Social emotional skill development lives at the heart of life skills. We have a responsibility to teach our students how to problem solve, work with others, develop empathy, and advocate for themselves and others.

    • Create implementation team to drive the work
      • Our intra- and inter- personal rubrics were built three years ago as a part of the work of the strategic plan. These rubrics are designed to assess the impact of teaching social and emotional skills for our students across our spectrum E-12.
    • Embed and train staff about restorative practices.
      • We must include creating alternative pathways to solving problems as we move forward. Suspension, expulsion, and removal from instruction only sets our students further behind academically. It does nothing to repair damage done to the community. It has to stop.
      • To that end, we must focus energy and effort on deepening our restorative practices and systems for positive behavior support. Please understand that in doing this, I have no interest in sacrificing school safety. Our students deserve to be safe at school. You deserve to return home from work in the same state that you reported at the beginning of the day.

    Measurement of the Strategic Plan

    Focus for 2019-2020: Moving the Needle

    We will identify methods to measure the success of our work

    • Growth picture: Analytics and RtI
    • Proficiency and Growth measures (Testing): Our assessment scores do not reflect the potential of our young people or our commitment as professionals.  Proficiency scores have declined each year for the past four years. We must move the needle on student achievement. There is no more should or could, rather, it is our moral imperative to ensure that our students are making progress toward achieving mastery of their grade levels standards.
    • Dashboard analysis: In the fall, we will be introducing a dashboard which will allow teachers, leaders, and families to monitor student progress from both a macro- and micro-leveled picture. We will utilize this feature to incorporate data more intentionally into our practice.