Meet Principal Jeff Wilson

Principal Jeff Wilson
  • What education have you obtained and where?
    I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, IA and received my Master’s in Education Administration at St. Mary’s University, Minneapolis, MN.

    What inspires you about working in education? 
    I think it’s a calling. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. I love working with students everyday and feeling inspired by them. There is nothing more rewarding and humbling.  

    Why did you want to work at BCE?
    I was looking to work in a school system that shared the commitment of family values and high expectations. Going through the interview process and meeting members of the school and community, I came away with a positive feeling about the district and community as a whole.  

    What are you most proud of after your first few months as assistant principal at BCE?
    I am most proud of the personal connections I have made in the school and community. It has been such a humbling and rewarding experience to come to work to support the students, staff and programming at Earle Brown. This is a special place with a lot of history and I am proud to be a part of being able help re-energize the building.

    What is your vision for the building? 
    I want to continue to lay the groundwork Mr. Koch has done at Earle Brown. Students will have a secure, encouraging, positive and proactive team of support that includes staff and meaningful family involvement.

    What are your hopes and dreams for our students?
    My hope is that all of our students experience success, build self-esteem, develop resilience, and make great academic gains by taking ownership and responsibility for their learning.

    How will you partner with families? 
    All families want the best education for their children. Each child is unique and will have different paths to their learning outcomes, so it is important that we communicate those expectations to our students and families. I am committed to supporting what will work for each child and their family. It is important to recognize and eliminate barriers to family involvement and identify ways that Earle Brown can continue to support families. I welcome families to come in anytime with questions or concerns. My door is open.

    What do you do when you’re not at work?
    I spend the majority of my time with family and friends. I enjoy Iowa Hawkeye football, snowmobiling and I have a 115-pound yellow lab named Herky.