Meet Our Principals

Principal Fraser and assistant principals Fuchs and Dupris
  • (From left to right): Assistant principal, Joshua Fuchs, principal Josh Fraser, and assistant principal Penelope Dupris.

    Principal Josh Fraser

    I am the proud Principal of Brooklyn Center Middle and High School STEAM. I’m honored to continue my 13 years of service in the community. I’ve been with Brooklyn Center Community Schools my entire career as a teacher, coach and with various leadership roles. More importantly, I begin my first Principalship in my own community. For this, I am grateful.

    It’s very important for me to share why I do this work and what I stand for on a daily basis. My office is a place for anyone in our community to come learn more about our amazing students, staff and programs we offer. I welcome your visit! With that, please take a moment to learn about why I serve BC.

    I serve to….

    • Build relationships
    • Prepare each and every student for their journey
    • Eliminate racial disparities
    • Create the culture of organizational success our community deserves
    • Ensure that students go home in the same way if not better than when they came to school
    • Empower students
    • Improve our community

    Our Priorities

    • Build effective leaders and leadership teams to drive our mission
    • Create a collaborative network of teachers, students and families that strive for growth
    • Involve families in decision-making teams, feedback teams, and culture-building teams
    • Continue to improve the climate and safety systems that create the foundation for academic success
    • To provide students with rigorous instruction and coursework to prepare them for college and career

    Josh Fraser, principal

    Assistant Principal Penelope Dupris 

    Dupris was hired as an assistant principal at the elementary school in August 2018. Before that, she served as an interim assistant principal at St. Louis Park High School. She was also an elementary school teacher in St. Louis Park Schools. Throughout her career, Dupris has dedicated her time to creating equitable communities for students of color. More information is coming soon!


    Assistant Principal Joshua Fuchs

    Mr. Fuchs started as Assistant Principal in September 2021. Before he came to Brooklyn Center Middle and High School, he was an equity teacher at Osseo Area Schools for three years. Prior to that, he served in a variety of principal and administrative roles in Richfield, Oakland, Minneapolis and St. Paul. 

    He has vast experience aligning equitable practices to the administrative role and service within the community. His addition to our work will help propel our service model of leadership and our aims to become a justice-centered space for our students. 

    How would you describe your experience that has led you to this role?

    I would describe my experience as living, living life, listening and leaning in. As a child I began to recognize treatment of people as inequitable even though I did not have words for it then. I have spent my career learning and unlearning to be a better human to others and create more equitable spaces. I give credit to the students, families, colleagues, and people of Oakland for the largest leap forward in my life to understanding social justice and what it looks like to engage and fight for equity. I have spent much of my career in roles that support instructional leadership in both Teacher Leadership roles and as a school administrator.

    What interests you most about working with the BC community?

    I am most interested in working with my colleagues and the community to bring to life a new reality. To dismantle the systems that uphold white supremacy and elevate our students' voices as advocates for their educational experience. 

    Which Core Value resonates with you most and why?

    “We Demonstrate Passion, Pride, and Perseverance” is the Core Value that resonates most for me. I believe deeply in the aspect of humanness and believe that everyone can grow into more positive spaces for others. If we make room and acknowledge that mistakes will be made and most importantly empower the ideal that we learn from them, we can turn up the speed of progress. People will operate with less fear and silence. 

    What do you like to do when you're not at work?

    My time with my partner is most valuable and we love to go camping both at state parks and dispersed camping where you bring it all in and out with you.

    Any other fun facts about yourself you’d like to share?

    I still spend my summers playing baseball, although I move a little slower these days around the base paths.