Committees to Serve On

  • Families have the opportunity to provide input and engage with district administration in a variety of ways. The following are committees families can serve on:

    The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) was formed to advise and provide support to the Community Schools Team and building Administration in order to implement family and community engagement efforts and events and school culture in support of student learning. This opportunity is available at both Brooklyn Center Elementary STEAM and Brooklyn Center Middle and High School STEAM.

    The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is an opportunity for parents, teachers, and staff to come together, using their talents and interests to build and expand opportunities for students. This is a volunteer-led group, we are looking for new members to take on this exciting adventure for the upcoming school year!  

    For more information about PAC or PTO, please contact

    The Parent Ambassador - Affinity group was formed to support underserved families at Brooklyn Center STEAM School. Through educational workshops, parent participants learn about advocacy and data trends and utilization at this specific site. For more information, contact Community Schools Site Coordinator, Tashawna Williams at

    The District Community Education Advisory Council (CEAC) was formed for community members to express matters that relate to responsible development of programs in the school district; maintain and improve communications between the community and the school district and its programs; and to promote the development of healthy, youth and adult programs.

    For more information, please contact Seth Ryan, community engagement director, at

    The District Wellness Committee is designed to promote all aspects of wellness and health throughout our community. For more information, please contact Wellness Coordinator, Michelle Auld at

    Other opportunities:

    Brooklyn Center Community Schools and the City of Brooklyn Center began a partnership engagement effort a for the purpose of leveraging our collective engagement resources, skills, networks, and outreach tools in order to increase community engagement and increase the well-being of youth and families.

    The committee is focused on responding to two efforts; Community Art and Community Health. This unique partnership exist to engage residents while strengthening community. For more information, please contact Angel Smith at