Extended School Year

  • School districts are required to address extended school year (ESY) services according to Minnesota Rule 3525.0755. On an annual basis the IEP team must discuss and make a determination if the student is entitled to ESY services in order to receive a free, appropriate public education. Determination of ESY entitlement is based on one of the following conditions:

    1. A significant regression of a skill from the student’s level of performance on an annual goal that requires more than the length of the break in instruction for recoupment of the skill. Data must indicate regression has occurred on the goals being considered.
    2. Services are necessary to attain and maintain self-sufficiency because of the critical nature of the skill addressed by an annual goal, the pupil’s age and level of development, and the timeline for teaching the skill. Data must indicate regression has occurred on the goals being considered for self-sufficiency.
    3. The IEP team determines that given the student’s unique needs ESY services are necessary to ensure a free, appropriate public education. 
While extended school year services would likely benefit most learners with or without disabilities, criteria for eligibility are not met simply because the child would derive benefit. ESY is not mandated for all learners with disabilities. It is not meant to replace ALC summer school or to provide summer activities or supervision for students. Extended school year services are required by the State of Minnesota for students to attain and maintain skills identified in annual goals and in order to provide a free, appropriate public education. 
ESY often does not address all of the IEP services on a student’s IEP, but only those IEP goals for which a student qualifies for ESY services. Additionally, not all students who have IEPs are eligible to receive ESY services. A student must be determined eligible for ESY through the IEP team process. 
ESY services are determined by a student’s IEP team. ESY services can be provided in various ways depending on the ESY goals of a student.