Physical Activity

Preschoolers jumping
  • Physical Activity During Recess, Mindful Movement, Energizers in the Classroom and Active Transportation



    Recess provides students with not only physical benefits, but also mental, social and emotional benefits. Earle Brown Elementary STEAM students participate in daily recess, with inclusive activities that increase total physical activity minutes each day and promote the social and emotional learning of our students. After a great recess, kids come back to class ready to learn.

    Students in grades 6-8, at Brooklyn Center STEAM Middle and High School, participate in physical recess activities at least one day per week.

    Mindful Movement

    Mindful movement incorporates movement and breathing together to help both teachers and students to increase concentration, lessen emotional reactivity and increase positive relationships within the classroom.  Teachers participate in cohorts where they learn the concepts of Mindful Movement and how to incorporate it both personally and in the classroom. Please contact Michelle Auld at for more information. Check out the series of videos we made in partnership with Minnesota Department of Education, through our CDC 1801 grant.

    Classroom Energizers

    Classroom Energizers provide students with an interactive approach to learning. Teachers can incorporate lessons through physical activity. This results in an increase in physical activity for the kids and research shows this approach enhances retention of newly learned material. 

Student walking to school
  • Active Transportation

    Brooklyn Center Community Schools supports Safe Routes to Schools and providing opportunities for our students and family members to get to school by walking or biking. The school sites host annual or semi-annual events on International Walk to School Day, the first Wednesday of October, and on International Bike to School Day, the first Wednesday of May, each year. For more information about the Safe Routes to School programs please visit the national website and we look forward to seeing you on the streets for our next Walk or Bike to School Day event!

    Students in grades 6 -8 at Brooklyn Center Middle School also participate in Walk, Bike, Fun! curriculum in Phy. Ed. classes in the fall and spring, utilizing the bike fleet through our partnership with Three Rivers Park District.

    Please see below for walking and biking maps for Earle Brown Elementary and Brooklyn Center Middle and High Schools, provided by the City of Brooklyn Center.

    Watch the Safe Routes To School video, created through our partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN.

    Click here to view a map for safe walking and biking routes to Earle Brown and Brooklyn Center STEAM.