Wellness Committee

  • The Brooklyn Center Community Schools District Wellness Committee currently meets the third Thursday of each month. The meeting schedule is based on attending members availablity, and is flexible based on need. Currently the committee meets remotely via Zoom.

    We welcome family members, community members, students, staff and partners to join us. We are committed to and embrace the various approaches to thriving health and wellness across cultures and invite BIPOC members of our schools and community to share your interests and expertise. If you are unable to attend the meetings, but would like to be involved there is a place for you! We often have subcommittees that work on time-limited wellness projects. Please contact the Wellness Coordinator through the options listed on the right for details.

    The District Wellness Committee works to keep the District Wellness Policy current and aligned with federal and state mandates as well as our community needs and interests. We also plan and implement the many employee, student and community wellness initiatives and programs throughout the school year, which we work to align with current grants and projects. 

    Check out the 2021-22 Wellness Program Calendar. Most of the programs are available to the staff, families and community, including low-cost yoga and fitness classes through generous funding from Preferred One. Visit our Eleyo registration site seasonally to view the Community Education Adult Enrichment programs and stay updated on some of the Wellness programs. Our Top 5 Wellness Tips offer simple-to-implement daily practices to support your self-care habits. 

Wellness Committee Meeting Minutes