Facilities Committee

  • The Facilities Committee is a group that is united with a common purpose- to help develop a long-range facilities plan for the school district that is based on shared vision.  This group represents the school district and the community. 

    Committee Members:

    TSP Team
    Von Petersen – Design Lead / Project Manager
    Rob Collins – Senior Project Architect
    Loretta Haugen – Senior Interior Designer
    Darrell Bren – Senior Electrical Engineer
    Roger Nikolas – Senior Mechanical Engineer (Secondary)
    Steve Tebben – Senior Mechanical Engineer (Earle Brown)
    Tadd Holt – Senior Structural Engineer
    Marcie Weslock – Civil Engineer (Consultant – Elan Design Lab)

    District Team
    Dr. Carly Baker – Superintendent 
    Gary Eitel – City of Brooklyn Center 
    Gail Graiewski-Traxler– Q-Comp District Coordinator
    Patrice Howard – Director of Community Schools and Engagement 
    Josh Fraser – Principal, Brooklyn Center Middle and High Schools STEAM 
    Cheryl Jechorek – School Board Director
    Jim Langevin – Director of Operations 
    Randy Koch – Principal, Earle Brown Elementary STEAM
    Joseph Lampe – Citizen of Brooklyn Center
    Jeff Palm – School Board Treasurer 
    Christina Sampson – BCS Math Teacher 
    Nan Yurecko – Executive Director of Teaching and Learning 
    Richard Zeck – Parent
    Tara Drey – Communications Specialist
    Dan Krekelberg – Citizen of Brooklyn Center

    Facilities Committee Charge

    • The planning process will recognize the uniqueness and specific needs of the Brooklyn Center Community school district. A genuine, open process is necessary to establish trust and confidence in the outcome.
    • The goal of the planning process is to build consensus for a facilities plan that is based on a shared district/community vision and that is mutually beneficial. The best facilities plan will find the right balance of educational benefits for students, financial feasibility, and the values and sentiments of the community.
    • There is an interdependent relationship between the school district and the community. Communities depend on a strong school district and the school district depends on strong communities.
    • The heart of the planning process is the Facilities Committee.
    • The Facilities Committee will represent the school district and a cross section of the community.