• Community Schools in Brooklyn Center 

    Brooklyn Center Community Schools is a full-service community school district. Our mission is to work with families and the community to help ensure all of our children are socially, mentally, and physically prepared for an ever-changing world.

    Schools alone cannot provide all the services needed, which is why we are committed as a Full-Service Community Schools District. As a Community School District, we have a growing set of partnerships between our schools and community organizations to provide educational, enrichment and support services to students and families so that our children can be safe and stable in school, at home, and in the community. Partnerships help us to serve the whole child, including before and after school programs; mental, medical and dental services; academic supports; and family resource centers. Brooklyn Center Community Schools welcomes you to join us as we unite to eliminate barriers to learning and raise healthy and happy children together. Brooklyn Center Community (BCCS) Schools strive to support the academic, social and emotional, and physical development of students and families, empowering them to become caring and responsible citizens at home and in the world.

Our Services, Supports & Resources: Uniting Communities, Eliminating Barriers, Transforming Lives

  • before and after school programsCOMMUNITY EDUCATION


    Some of the most important learning in a child’s life starts before kindergarten. In Brooklyn Center Community Schools, we recognize the importance of early learning and offer several programs from birth to five. We see ourselves as partners in your child’s lifelong journey of learning. Learn more about Early Childhood in BCCS.


    Our fee-based childcare provides on-site care for youth in Pre-K through grade 5. While our 21st Century programs, STEP and LEAP, provide additional academic and enrichment opportunities to accelerate student learning from outside the traditional classroom setting. Learn more about fee-based childcareyouth academic and enrichment programs and youth enrichment courses.


    BCCS offers adult education and enrichment opportunities for all community members. The BCCS Community Education department strives to help support life-long learning and access to tools to create a thriving community. Learn more about adult community education opportunities.


    computer with resourcesCOMMUNITY SCHOOLS

    In 2009, Brooklyn Center Community Schools became the first Full-Service Community Schools' District in the state of Minnesota. With over 100 partners and programs, our goal is to provide access to services that will assist in the areas of academic achievement and attainment, health and wellness supports, and a number of social services that aid in the success of all. Learn more about Community Schools in BCCS.



    Our community schools staff plans thoughtful and regular opportunities for staff and families to engage with each other. We believe that engagement of all families and staff within our community is based on mutual respect and empowerment. By empowering our families to be partners in their child’s education, we can increase the achievement and success of every child. Learn more about family and community engagements.



    Brooklyn Center’s Health Resource Center offers free and low-cost medical, dental, vision, and mental health services to the youth of Brooklyn Center Schools and community ages 0-19. Learn more about the Health Resource Center.

    The Family Resource Rooms at Brooklyn Center Elementary, Brooklyn Center Middle and High School and the Early College Academy offer Brooklyn Center students, families and community, access to information and support from various community agencies addressing the basic needs for food, clothing, energy assistance, shelter, healthcare and more. Learn more about the Family Resource Rooms.

    BCCS also offers immigration and refugee services and a Response & Recovery Fund. More information on these services and how to become a partner are available on our resources page. 



    Brooklyn Center Community Schools is committed to equipping all staff, students and community members with the knowledge to contribute to their lifelong personal wellness, by promoting nutritional habits, physical activity and social-emotional development. We offer a variety of opportunities and support services including free medical, dental, mental health, and vision resources for youth. We also provide staff and community members opportunities supported by our wellness committee and partnerships. Learn more about our wellness initiatives.


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